Rainbow Six Siege Operator Concept: Thunderbolt



Defender Operator

Operator Codename: Thunderbolt


Gadget: The 938 Interceptor stun gun allows Thunderbolt to capture the offense’s drones. The interceptor sends a shock of electricity strong enough to dismantle the drone and its security, allowing Thunderbolt to hack into it.  Hacking into the drone will reveal a ping of its origin. If Thunderbolt successfully hacks in four drones, Thunderbolt may access the offensive drones in play but his team cannot.

Implementation: Thunderbolt will provide Rainbow Six Siege an added intricate layer on top of the already chaotic tactics found in most matches. In the creation of Thunderbolt, I had hoped to bring forth a more thoughtful droning interaction within the rounds. The stun gun would be a difficult skill shot for players to master and implement alongside other operators such as Mute. Thunderbolt would cause attackers to be more thoughtful in their approach to drones and consider what possible information a drone left behind in combat may reveal to the defenders.

Origin: Before joining Rainbow, Thunderbolt was an Airforce computer engineer who was caught leisurely hacking into allied drones for fun, driving them around the base in hopes of annoying his superiors. Thunderbolt accomplished that goal but after allegedly catching something on camera that he shouldn’t have, he was quickly discharged from the Airforce. Rainbow quietly recruited Thunderbolt after his discharge because of his involvement in the development of Lions EE-ONE-D.

Equipment: Impact grenades or bullet proof camera

Weapons: Burst SMG or a single shot rifle


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