Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide: Frost Part 1

Frost main photo

armor frost

Frost operates within he JTF2 forces from Canada. Frost is a defending operator, choosing between the Super 90 Shotgun and the 9mm C1 Submachine Gun as primary weapons along with a Mk1 9mm handgun. Her main gadget is a welcome mat (3) which is basically a bear trap, this device will immediately knock down the enemy team but not your own. Your secondary gadget is either  1 deployable shield or two barbed wire.

Frost is my main defender as to this day I have 31h15, game time spent playing her. Depending on team composition she can be a very effective roamer and/or objective player. When your team contains three roamers Frost may become invalid as teams will be cautious no matter the situation they are entering.

Class Setup

9mm C1 – Submachine Gun

  • Reflex Sight (Depending on your personal preference)
  • Extended barrel as often times you can be caught in a situation in need of range
  • Angled Grip

Mk1 9mm – Handgun

  • Muzzle Brake
  • Laser

My thoughts on this composition is that when using my pistol I am normally in a dire situation that does not require silence and may need extra aim assist. Your pistol is very effective, do not underestimate it.

If you need evidence

Gadget – Deployable Shield x 1

  • Effective in baiting the enemy into frost traps or providing cover.

I implemented the tactical whiteboard that to ease the learning curve, placing green arrows or stars on areas that can be easily seen. Click here to create your own tactical whiteboard.

Trap Placement Suggestions For Secure Area:

House – Master Bedroom

House - Master Bedroom Frost Traps edited

There can be any variation within my suggestions if the opposing team has been avoiding the traps every round. I suggest a trap in construction window to catch the enemy team off guard, one for the objective window and finally a trap for the bathrooms in window. Instead of placing a trap in constructor or window, you can always consider placing your deployable shield in the doorway between bathroom and objective with a trap behind the shield. I do not recommend Frost on defense while defending the garage unless she is your only option as a roamer. I say this because there are a variety of other operators that are far more effective in defending the position.

Border – Lockers Defense

border armory defense

When approaching this defense I take into account what roamers are on my team to help fill the “holes” in the defense. Throwing one welcome mat down near office window may catch someone off guard entering the room but that particular mat could be moved into archives or the room itself.

Border – Office Defense

border office defense.png

Office is tricky as you never know what sort of breaching power the enemy will have. This tactic will be most effective with a MUTE and JÄGER to prevent the enemy from destroying the welcome mats with ease.

Border – Archives/Servers

Border - Archives.png

*Move tellers welcome mat to accommodate enemy pushes in previous rounds.

Border – Tellers

border - Tellers

Placing one welcome mat below the window is a must, many teams will overlook this spot along with the mat outside the teller window because they will be focused on the window. The third welcome mat position is best in the hall near archives with a shield in front of it. This decision is based on assuming enemies will check farther down the hall by peaking into the objective window, shooting it immediately.

Chalet – Snowmobile Garage

*R6 Site does not list updated maps, the objective is in garage.

Chalet garage.png

When placing the welcome mat in the closet use deployable shield to both protect yourself and to bait. Often times people are careless in the wine cellar and can be caught in a trap while the trap near the boat can be moved as desired.

Chalet – Kitchen

Chalet Kitchen.png

Chalet – Bar

chalet bar.png

Often times I find myself choosing Bandit over Frost, but when I do, I place my frost traps here. Sometimes I move the welcome from the front door to a random area upstairs to catch the other team off guard.

Chalet Library

Chalet - Library

Normally when defending library it is best to place most traps in the objective as you’ll find most of your squad leaving to roam around. This can be very effective if Jäger’s defensive gadgets are effective in stopping Fuze.

Bank – Basement/Lockers

bank - Basement.png

Bank – Archives – 1st Floor

banka rchives.png

These placements are best when utilizing the deployable shield for one of the welcome mats nearest the bank counter.

Bank – Executive Office

bank executive office

When approaching this defensive position there is room for creativity, personally I like to place them in unexpected places (white arrow) if the normal positions don’t work. (green arrows)

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