Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the newest entry into the battle royale genre. Infinity Ward has manufactured a battle royale experience from the tried-and-true foundation of the Call of Duty franchise, specifically from their section of the universe.

The experience begins like any other battle royale game, with you and your teammates jumping out of some sort of flying object into a vast land full of loot. What makes Warzone different?

Currently, Warzone followed Apex Legend’s suite and allowed only squads of three to participate as a team in Warzone. This decision comes with some apprehension from the community as I read dozens of tweets complaining that there would not be any options for duo or solo Warzone matches.

From the first moment I witnessed the airplane transport in which we were riding, I felt a sense of thrill which often comes from a new battle royale. I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to explore the vast playground in which we were playing and the mechanics of the game. You immediately find yourself miles above the ground below you. Warzone added a unique trick that should be in ever BR and that is, the location’s designated names across the map can be seen from above while inside of the aircraft and flying down to the ground. This will assist unfamiliar players, or anyone for that matter, to find the proper drop zone; reducing the stress that may come from flying downward towards the ground while simultaneously checking the map.

Respawning Your Teammates

We get it, everyone gets a stroke of bad luck and dies every once and a while. Most BR’s are absolutely brutal to those that die before their teammates. Warzone increases the opportunities to revive fallen teammates, improving quality of life for everyone playing. There are two options for reviving your teammates in Warzone.

  • Gulag – Your teammate must face off against an opponent in the Russian Gulag. You are given a random loadout to defeat the enemy in a 1v1 or capture the mid flag.
  • Buy Station – Pay for your teammates to be redeployed

Infinity Ward continues to add new gameplay mechanics that may allow more options for you to redeploy your teammates. Currently, there is a new contract that you can reveal your location to everyone in the match. If you survive the allotted time, your teammates will all be redeployed.


  • Contracts urge players to approach conflict with other teams for a reward. By providing an incentive for actually seeking out engagements, IW will reduce the total number of campers in the match and improve the pace of the Warzone match.
  • The lack of attachments in Warzone reduces the stressful desires to find every single attachment that you’d like for your weapon. This could also be considered a con. This reduces the customization options in game which can be frustrating when the weapon you found on the ground may not have the attachments you’d like.
  • Customized Loadouts have both a positive and negative affect on Warzone as a BR. To retrieve a customized loadout you need to put both your financial status and health at risk. Infinity Ward needs to ensure that the cost for customized loadout drops remains balanced. I am apprehensive about how players will cheese the game through this feature in Warzone.
  • Warzone provides you with a map that is clear cut by having the name of each location projected onto the ground that you are flying towards. This makes the experience more aesthetically pleasing while also providing a functional aspect, preventing newer players from getting lost.
  • I once jokingly mentioned that Blackout should allow you to have a pistol while you fall towards the ground. Now that is in the game, I love how it spices up the beginning of the match. Now you need to put thought into your flying patters or perhaps you will be the person to seek others out to shoot them while they fly.
  • The warm up phase in Warzone allows you to unlock new attachments, weapons, and challenges while waiting for the BR match to start. This is an incredible idea that works out very well. I do wish that you had the option of opting out of it.


  • Heartbeat sensors can create issues in any games, depending on how they are balanced. The heartbeat sensor in Warzone inhibits camping and provides players with an easy way to find the enemy.
  • The audible sound of being punched while in the Gulag is very loud and shakes your screen. Why must this be a thing?
  • If you have a gas mask equipped you will be forced to put it on or take it off as you run in and out of the circle. This creates for an awful experience at the end of the match when you are drifting in and out of the circle.

How has your experience been with Warzone? What do you wish they did differently?

How would you rate your experience with Warzone?

How would you rate your experience with other Battle Royale games?

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