Key Takeaways From the Call of Duty: Cold War Multiplayer Reveal

Today’s multiplayer reveal provides an in-depth look into the multiplayer aspect of the next Call of Duty installment, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. The reveal featured the usual ensemble of COD developers and Twitch personalities. The developer segment did shine light on a variety of topics that will have a direct impact on the gameplay including create a class, battle royale, game modes, and more. These are my key takeaways from watching the multiplayer reveal.

  1. Scorestreaks – Scorestreaks will carry over through death which drastically increase the number of scorestreaks that are called in per match. The SAM Turret will be returning in Cold War which will be helpful with shooting down the enemy scorestreaks. Playing the objective will have a direct affect on earning scorestreaks. Players will want to maximize their scorestreak output by farming kills while simultaneously scoring objective points.
  2. Throwing grenades – This is a small change that may not effect all players but you will use your left hand to throw grenades once again. I believe that players should have the option to change which hand they would like the throw with. You may ask why this is important to me which is a completely reasonable question. Changing the throwing hand has a direct impact on the angle in which I am throwing my stun or lethal grenade. Actions such as throwing a flashbang off of a wall into a room will be affected.
  3. Pick 10 System – The beloved Pick 10 System will not be returning for Cold War. This means that your class will be outfitted with every option available to you. You will not be forced to sacrifice your secondary in order to improve your class. That being said, they did reveal that you will have the opportunity to make changes to your class for example, you may need to sacrifice something to add additional attachments to your primary.
  4. Gunsmith – The Gunsmith from Modern Warfare will be back to haunt your dreams. You will be able to customize your weapon just as you do in MW.
  5. Field Upgrade System – The Field Upgrade System provided players with the ability to earn stopping power, a trophy system, and other additional benefits in Modern Warfare. Some form of that system will be returning for Cold War. Two Field Upgrade System options that I noticed were the SAM Turret and a proximity mine.

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