Lemnis Gate: What is it?

Lemnis Gate, what is it?

Lemnis Gate is a self-described “revolutionary turn-based combat strategy FPS” that forces players into utilizing the seven available operatives in order to alter the future in your favor. You will conquer the future by taking in part one of the six available game modes. Each have a unique twist on the game’s premise by forcing players into turn based or simultaneous combat.

But what exactly does that look like?

In essence, you will pick and choose from the seven available operators once per game round. Only one Operator can be used in a half, so use them wisely. You will control that operator for one round either until the time runs out or the enemy kills you. From that round forward, that operator will be controlled by the AI and will mimic whatever you did in the round before. That creates the potential for you to team-kill yourself in any round on accident or kill an enemy player simply by shooting down a lane.

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, and Steam

This process repeats in different orders, depending on the game type. You will need to coordinate your operatives to achieve maximum synergy in order to capture a point, retrieve a fragment, or destroy a stationary cube. The possibilities for operative combinations and strategies are almost endless. Whether those strategies or good or not will depend on how you implement them.

Once more for the people in the back. You will be playing turn-based combat in Lemnis Gate. Be careful of the actions you take each round as your AI companions will be mimicking it each round.

Lemnis Gate – Disrupt the past; change the future

There are seven distinct operatives that can participate in the Lemnis Gate. Toxin, Striker Vendetta, Deathblow, Rush, Kapitan, and Karl. Each is equipped with one special ability that will give you an upper-hand on the battlefield.


Toxin, as you might have guessed, spews toxic gas across the battlefield. Equipped with a Tox Cannon and Displacer, Toxin can create uninhabitable spaces on the map. She will often lose one on one fights but is effective in gaining map control. And oh yeah, Toxin can teleport.

Striker is your classic sniper class. Equipped with a Zero-Drop Rifle and Ripple effect, Striker can assassinate crucial operatives on the opposing team. Ripple allows you to slow down time for a duration, ensuring you hit that shot.

Vendetta is pure agony for the opposing team, when done correctly. Wielding a shotgun and attack pods, Vendetta can place 5 attack turrets that will eliminate enemies from a distance. If you can kill Vendetta before she can place her turrets then you might just stand a chance.

Deathblow brings the thickness and the eradicator as his main weapon. This rocket launcher can easily remove enemies from the battlefield and capture objective points. Utilize his proximity mine to solidify your upper hand even after death since the mines can be triggered even after Deathblow is long gone.

Rush is pretty self-explanatory. You will zoom across the map to remove that pesky opponent with his dual shredders and Kinect booster. Rush can be used to win a few early rounds for your team, forcing the opposition to react accordingly.

Kapitan is old reliable. Kapitan is equipped with an auto rifle and a frag grenade. She can be used to counteract many of the other operatives, creating an opening where you team needs one. Use the frag grenades to quickly kill an opponent or destroy one of Vendetta’s turrets.

Last but not least is Karl. Karl is your robotic homie. Karl brings lethality and support to the table with his precision beam and protection orbs. His precision beam is a constant stream of death that will reduce foes to nothing. When you’re not showering the enemy in the damage, you will be utilizing Karl to shield your other operatives. This can be tricky at times but is very effective, especially when counteracting Striker.

How will you link the operatives together to create a chain of events to propel you to victory or break the enemy team’s chain?

You can either experience Lemnis Gate through simultaneous or turn based combat. The turn based modes are a little slower but more deliberate while simultaneous action will incorporate your ability to outgun your opponent in real-time.

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