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A simple introductory guide to League of Legends

This is a simple introductory guide to League of Legends for my friend Kylan, or anyone else that would succumb to the pain of playing this MOBA. On the outside, League of Legends may entrance you with its color arrangements, vast list of champions, or simplicity that they sell to newcomers on their YouTube targeted ads yet many times you will find the game consumed by vitriol and a lackluster commitment to the game.

Lemnis Gate: What is it?

Lemnis Gate, what is it?

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide: Clash

With release of Operation Grim Sky, Rainbow Six Siege’s roster is adding two new operators to each side of the offensive and defensive puzzle. Today I will be focusing on the new defensive operator Clash. Clash is a defensive juggernaut that wields a bulletproof shield and a secondary firearm. Clash’s device, the CCE Shield, allows ...

How to get into Rainbow Six Siege

My shift ended on December 1, 2015 like any other day but before exiting my workplace I picked up my pre-order of Rainbow Six Siege. A few weeks beforehand I’d scoured the depths of the internet in search of a new game to purchase and I was intrigued by R6’s concept. As someone who has ...

Rainbow Six Siege: Defensive Operator Concept: Deckie

Preface: The inception of the character Deckie formed after finding myself being assaulted from below or above by buck/sledge/Etc while attempting to anchor the objective. Often times I felt helpless when being attacked from either direction with my only option to return fire and hope Rainbow Six Karma was on my side. Deckie provides a ...