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Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics. What is it?

Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics is defined by Hi-Rez as "the new Free-to-Play turn-based strategy game." When booting up Smite Tactics for the first time you are met with familiar faces from the Smite world. This may ease some of the new players minds as they approach Smite Tactics with little to no knowledge, finding solace in the Gods they are fond of.

The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show is the most delightful television found on Netflix. From the pastries to the unique episode introductions, the British Baking Show will sooth your soul into a lullaby of caloric goodness.

How to utilize frag grenades while attacking Tea Room/Karaoke on Skyscraper

The inception of this article is inspired by the countless times my Rainbow Six Siege teams struggled with attacking objectives on Skyscraper. Skyscraper is a unique map as it restricts defenders to particular sections of the map by forcing them to redirect through a multitude of narrow pathways, limiting their movement. Since Skyscraper lacks accessibility ...

Rainbow Six Operator Concept: Hiljainen

Codename: Hiljainen Unique Gadget: Lintu-86 Drone – The Lintu-86 Drone reduces sound in the surrounding area, allowing attackers to breach with minimal audible detection. The most popular utilization of Hiljainen Lintu-86 Drone includes carefully placing the drone into an area in which the attackers wish to breach without alerting the surrounding defenders. Hiljainen will force ...

The Tale of Three Xbox One Elite Controllers in 2018

Tag along as I describe my year of gaming and the tragic destruction of my controllers along the way.

Fifa 18’s Pro Club Mode

Fifa 18’s Pro Club mode is a convoluted mess. Fifa 18 touts numerous game modes that alter the soccer experience in several ways with Pro Clubs being included in the list. Pro Clubs allow players to group up with friends or randoms in an attempt to conquer the net with their own personalized characters propped ...

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Concept: Thunderbolt

Name: REDACTED Defender Operator Operator Codename: Thunderbolt Gadget: The 938 Interceptor stun gun allows Thunderbolt to capture the offense’s drones. The interceptor sends a shock of electricity strong enough to dismantle the drone and its security, allowing Thunderbolt to hack into it.  Hacking into the drone will reveal a ping of its origin. If Thunderbolt successfully ...

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

I decide to take the hit on this one guys. I invest an hour and 47 minutes of my life to watching the newest xXx Movie, the Return of Xander Cage: here is my story.

Mac Miller – Weekend Analysis

The weekend. The goal weekday warriors steadily approach each and everyday in the perilous journey that is the work grind. What is it about the weekend that intrigues the mind as we continue with our daily responsibilities. Moments of relaxation and good times with friends and family distract us from the work at hand. Are ...

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a tale of Jeff (Jason Segel) and his family, of whom, have been disconnected from themselves and one another. Jeff’s inability to determine his future drives the narrative forward. The 2011 film directed by Jay and Mark Duplass offers insight into a family merely co-existing with one another. The film ...