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Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker's succinctly mundane gameplay loop verges on the precipice of greatness but is bogged down by player generated outposts and a limited amount of experiences. The grueling task of overcoming an obstacle is welcome at first but the lack of an option to skip an outpost you’re stuck on kills any sort of motivation that I have to play the game.

The Tale of Three Xbox One Elite Controllers in 2018

Tag along as I describe my year of gaming and the tragic destruction of my controllers along the way.

Fifa 18’s Pro Club Mode

Fifa 18’s Pro Club mode is a convoluted mess. Fifa 18 touts numerous game modes that alter the soccer experience in several ways with Pro Clubs being included in the list. Pro Clubs allow players to group up with friends or randoms in an attempt to conquer the net with their own personalized characters propped ...