Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide: Clash

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (4)

With release of Operation Grim Sky, Rainbow Six Siege’s roster is adding two new operators to each side of the offensive and defensive puzzle. Today I will be focusing on the new defensive operator Clash.

Clash is a defensive juggernaut that wields a bulletproof shield and a secondary firearm. Clash’s device, the CCE Shield, allows her to deter attackers from approaching particular sections of the map, funneling them towards other sectors of the map. Clash is incredible at causing the attackers to bottleneck, this is especially effective nearby objectives where team play can obliterate approaching attackers.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (4)

The CCE Shield covers Clash’s entire body and allows her to shock enemies within close proximity which both damages and slows them. Attackers can knock Clash’s shield to the side by using projectiles such as Zofia’s launcher. Attackers may also melee her shield to disrupt her coverage similar to Montagne and Blitz. Achieving this in a 1v1 scenario is near to impossible with the heavy slow caused by Clash’s electro shield. The electricity does have a limit, hypothetically allowing attackers to use the down time to their advantage. Carefully moderating the use of the shield will allow Clash players to continuously mitigate opponents in almost every scenario. Utilize Clash’s shock ability to cause the defenders to waste precious seconds fighting against you. Clear and concise communication will allow Clash mains to provide endless opportunities for fellow roamers and trap operators.

Clash can be effective in tandem with other defensive operators, allowing her to confront the attackers and communicate their every move in real time. Lesion is an incredible addition to a roaming Clash. Once an attacker has stepped on a toxic mine, you can continuously pursue them as they attempt to free and remove the Lesion. This provides Clash with an opportunity to eliminate an attacker while they are forced to remove the toxic mine.

A team equipped with multiple trap operators can easily trick attackers to falling victim to the surrounding traps. Clash’s presence can cause attackers to become disgruntled and make irrational decisions. My personal favorite is pairing Clash with Kapkan traps, forcing the attackers to consider their next move. A patient Clash can find opportunities to pick off attackers as they attempt to destroy the traps or may even trigger them without any consideration.

Clash can also act as a moving Mira for other defenders. Her transparent shield allows friendly operators to carefully place their shots on attackers ahead of clash, creating devastating angles for defenders to pursue. Although, careful team work is required for this to succeed, continuous communication is key to preventing a team kill from occurring. Fortifying a lane with Clash can provide information to the rest of the squad as attackers make their approach to the objective. Clash is best used to create awkward engagements for attackers, forcing them to choose between multiple sight lines when approaching gunfights.

The CCE Shield allows Clash to easily protect friendly operators behind her, allowing Bandit to Bandit trick in scenarios that he would surely die without the indestructible shield next to him.

Over the span of my placement matches I’ve found that Clash players often make the detrimental mistake of lower their shield during inopportune times. Even if you are not finding yourself fragging out as Clash you may still be a key element to victory. One of Clash’s most powerful aspects is the ability to gather easily gather information on the attackers movements without any risk. Forcing the attackers to reconsider their plan may not yield kills but it will allow your other team members the opportunity to eliminate in situations that should be weighted in their favor.

Understanding how attackers may attempt to dismantle Clash’s shield will allow you to easily counter them. Consider what operators the attackers have chosen that round, will you need to worry about avoiding fire arrows? Have they moved as a cohesive unit or as separate lone wolves? Adjust your play style to accommodate for changes the opposing team may implement. Are you in communication with fellow roamers? Convince them to assist you with their own gadgets to catch the attackers off guard.

As time passes we will find Clash mains crafting intricate strategies to capitalize on her strengths. I do worry for the quality of Rainbow Six as Clash players begin to implement her into full scale spawn killing squads, using her to easily maneuver themselves outside to catch the attackers in their spawn.

What are your thoughts on the new R6 Operators?

Below you will find various strategic positions that Clash can be useful in:

Cigar Lounge – Kafe Dostoyevsky

Pairing with another roamer, Clash can control the flow of the match by conquering the top floor of Kafe. The long, narrow hallways provide a perfect area for Clash to make a stand while her team ambushes the attackers from behind. Clash can cause a standstill in the piano room because directly breaching into a window is mainly out of the question with a Clash nearby. Force the attackers to crowd defenseless choke points that can be easily flanked or picked off.

Cigar Lounge Kafe.PNG

Club House – Arsenal Room

The basement of the Club House provides Clash with opportunities to counter the opposition in their movement as they make their way towards the objective. These positions are especially effective in the Secure Area game mode. The numerous sight lines in the basement will allow your teammates to pick off attackers encroaching towards the objective. Allowing your team to cover the hallway, Clash can all but stop attackers from attacking from the Church.

CLub House Clash.PNG

Consulate – Top Floor

When approaching a top floor defense with Clash you should have a strong understanding of the entrances surrounding you. This will allow you to pinpoint which direction your opposition will be attacking from. Use the hallways secured by your teammates to survive from the approaching attackers. Clash can force attackers into the rooms they entered into, forcing them to be stuck. The close proximity will allow attackers to have an easier time to melee you but continuously using the Electric Shield should prevent them from being too close.

Consulate Top Floor.PNG

Kafe Dostoyevsky – Kitchen

This particular scenario is most effective in Secure Area. Using your shield, you can prevent attackers from breaching the main wall by protecting Bandit as he Bandit tricks directly next to you. Bring a shield to place in the doorway and a Jager device to ensure your safety. The surrounding hallway also allow for Clash to easily approach the attackers as they infiltrate the building. Using your teammates for coverage from behind, Clash can disrupt the attackers plan, cutting them off from certain lanes of the map.

Kafe Kitchen.PNG

Oregon – Laundry Room

Clash’s presence on Oregon can be devastating throughout the intricate close quarters map. Specifically, Clash can be essential in preventing the attackers from approaching the objective from the stairwell or even the hatch. Pairing with a Mute/Mira/Jager in the room can cause the attackers to pursue another approach. Being shot from above the stairwell or the hatch will be prevented by the shield.

Oregon Laundry stairs.PNG

Oregon – 1st Floor (Meeting Room and Kitchen)

Defending the Meeting Hall with Clash can entirely remove particular doorways from being attacked while Clash holds her position, causing the attackers to use essential utility to remove her. Clash can also thrive in the Kitchen and Bathroom sectors of the map, leading attackers through the maze of rooms and hallways as they pursue her.

Oregon Meeting Room.PNG


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