Rainbow Six Operator Concept: Hiljainen

Codename: Hiljainen

Unique Gadget: Lintu-86 Drone – The Lintu-86 Drone reduces sound in the surrounding area, allowing attackers to breach with minimal audible detection. The most popular utilization of Hiljainen Lintu-86 Drone includes carefully placing the drone into an area in which the attackers wish to breach without alerting the surrounding defenders. Hiljainen will force the defenders to depend on information gathering operators and traps to continuously survey the map while the attackers quietly clear out portions of the map.

Backstory: Hiljainen excels at denying the opposition audible information, assisting Team Rainbow in infiltrating positions by reducing the sounds created when breaching in any situation. Tall tales of heroism from the Utti Jaeger Regiment detail Hiljainen’s tactical prowess in approaching unique situations. Hiljainen has executed countless successful operations but his most famous approach was the siege on the Kivi Pier. The Kivi Pier features an enormous concrete factory lining the waters edge, reducing access to the pier from almost every direction. After dozens of hours of consideration, the Finnish forces called in Hiljainen. Hiljainen quickly manufactured a plan that was gawked at by the local police forces. The attack blueprint included breaching a three-foot concrete wall directly into a room in close proximity to the area the hostages were being held. A prototype explosive capable of breaching almost anything had been received from the United States, providing Hiljainen with the utility to properly fulfill his plan. Hiljainen carefully placed his Lintu-86 Drone above the breaching charge, beckoning the police to prepare for breach. Queuing up his own personal drone and the charge, Hiljainen counts down from ten and sets off both his drone and the charge. A blinding light emerges from the charge as it begins to cut open the concrete wall. The surrounding units braced for the charge to explode but the Lintu-86 Drone released a pulse prior to the explosion, killing all sound made from the breach. The units proceeded through the enormous hole in the wall, the quiet footsteps of the special forces being the only sound heard nearby. After securing the hostages found within the building, the special forces utilized the element of surprise to apprehend the terrorist threat. Hiljainen was privately awarded decorations for his actions on that day and a recommendation for his transfer to R6 arrived on his desk shortly after the event.  

Weapons: FN Scar or FAMAE SAF

Secondary: Walther P99

Secondary Gadget: Smoke Grenades or Breaching Charge

Hiljainen would introduce another cog into the machine of the basic R6 game-play, providing players with a unique option to approaching defenders.

Counters: Hiljainen could be countered by Mute or by destroying his drone which would not invisible unlike Echo’s drone.

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