How to utilize frag grenades while attacking Tea Room/Karaoke on Skyscraper

The inception of this article is inspired by the countless times my Rainbow Six Siege teams struggled with attacking objectives on Skyscraper. Skyscraper is a unique map as it restricts defenders to particular sections of the map by forcing them to redirect through a multitude of narrow pathways, limiting their movement. Since Skyscraper lacks accessibility in flanking and rotations, defenders may decide to anchor the objectives instead.

With this understanding, the attackers can utilize particular tools to make attacking objectives much easier. In Rainbow Six Siege, there are zones that players will almost always be playing. Use your knowledge of the map and normal positions for enemies to assist you in locating and eliminating defenders. With my plan of attack, you should be able to quickly gain map control in a short amount of time while also ensuring you are protected from relentless defenders. The one tool at the attackers disposal that I will focusing on is frag grenades. The newest update from Ubisoft will provide more attackers with frag grenades than ever before. This may seem like a simple concept. If you did think that, you are absolutely correct. During wartime frag grenades are used for eliminating personnel in fortified positions and difficult to engage areas. The same can be done in Rainbow Six Siege.

Skyscraper features a mirage of tight angles that can be exploited by defenders to give them an advantage against the attackers. By holding these various angles, the defenders often times have an advantage against attackers. You can of course challenge these angles and attempt to pick the waiting defenders off but this does not always work.

By implementing an onslaught of frag grenades against the defenders, you can minimize the risk you face as an attacker on Skyscraper. Utilizing the attacking operator’s equipment, you can also protect your flank from run outs.

With the introduction of Operation Ember Rise, Dokkaebi mains will now be able to equip their favorite operator with frag grenades. I think these five attackers are optimal for attacking the Tea Room/Karaoke and the Work Office/Exhibition objectives. Each operator plays a key role to winning the round depending on the scenario being played out.

With this concoction, you will have:

x2 Claymores

x6 Frag Grenades

Operator Role:

  • Thermite: Claymore window, hard breach Geisha
  • Thatcher: Jager’s ADS and assist in destroying Geisha wall
  • Finka: Frag grenade, provide support to the team via separate entry points and boost
  • Buck: Frag grenade, provide alternate pressure from below
  • Dokkaebi: Frag grenade, use phone call to locate defenders, opening opportunity to frag the defenders

By planting claymores at Geisha window and terrace window, the only way defenders can jump out at you is through the Karoake window which should be covered by an attacker already. After securing each claymore, Thermite and Thatcher should focus on opening the Geisha wall. By throwing a Thatcher towards the outside balcony away from the nook, the EMP may destroy both the protection on the wall and the ADS protecting said defender in that position. If they are Bandit tricking, this will provide the perfect opportunity to use your frag grenades to eliminate the defender in the Geisha Room. Once this is done successfully, you will have free reign of an important part of the map. Remain weary of defenders using their Nitro Cell’s from below and defenders in both the hallway and in Karaoke. By this point and time the defender in Karaoke should be dead, but if not, you can easily assist your team by shooting through the wall at the defender in Karaoke.

While all of that is going down, the attacker on the Karaoke window should be focusing on using their frag grenade to eliminate the defender in Karaoke. Lay on the ground to reduce the possibility of being killed while throwing your grenade. During the drone phase, you and your team should have identified where the ADS have been placed. Use this knowledge to direct both your frag grenades and Thatcher’s EMPS to clear critical points of the map. Buck should be the first operator to use his frag grenades. After throwing both of them, he should add another level of pressure by using his undertow shotgun below the defenders. If you are having trouble locating defenders, make sure to use Dokkaebi’s phone call to easily identify the surrounding defenders. If you can clear out the defenders from both the Geisha room and Karaoke, you can find a way to plant the defuser inside of Karaoke by using the bomb for protection or simply standing near a random part of the room. To assist your teammates, you should always keep in mind the angles that your team will have once it is planted. Try and avoid planting in an area that will reduce your teams line of sight to defenders attempting to destroy the defuser.

By using these strategies you should be able to find a weak point in the defenders strategy and push them out from their positions. Depending on the situation, don’t be afraid to push into the objective and plant the bomb after eliminating two defenders. If things are going slowly, remember that the distance to the site is minimal.

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