Rainbow Six Siege: Defensive Operator Concept: Deckie

Preface: The inception of the character Deckie formed after finding myself being assaulted from below or above by buck/sledge/Etc while attempting to anchor the objective. Often times I felt helpless when being attacked from either direction with my only option to return fire and hope Rainbow Six Karma was on my side. Deckie provides a counter to your opposition as they create holes in the ceiling or floor. Deckie’s origin story can be applied to any country of origin. I am not an artist but I imagine an easy point of artistic variance for Deckie’s look could be some sort of firefighter tool such as an axe. I appreciate any feedback on my concept and soon I will be releasing two other concepts, thanks. Good luck out there!

New Defensive Operator Concept: Vince McLaughlin

Codename: Deckie

Ability: Expanding Foam Cannisters

Implementation: The 487 Salvation Launcher originates from a similar design as Zofias KS79 Lifeline device. The launcher’s cannisters allow Deckie the ability to plug holes in the ceiling, walls, or hatches that may have been damaged. The foam doesn’t reinforce unbroken materials. Once attached to a broken panel the foam will expand, filling the hole. The foam can be destroyed as follows:

§ 1 Breaching Charge

§ Buck – 3 Hits

§ Sledge – 2

§ Zofia – 2

§ Ash – 1

Origin: After serving over 15 years as a firefighter, McLaughlin transferred to the army, then R6 after seeing the devastation of operation outbreak had on the world. His device was first invented to deter fire from transferring throughout a building while also preventing the structure from collapsing before firefighters completed their rescue.

Equipment: Barbed Wire or Shield


Primary: Steyr Aug – SPAS-12

Secondary: Kel-Tec PMR-30

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