Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide: Frost Part 1

Frost operates within he JTF2 forces from Canada. Frost is a defending operator, choosing between the Super 90 Shotgun and the 9mm C1 Submachine Gun as primary weapons along with a Mk1 9mm handgun. Her main gadget is a welcome mat (3) which is basically a bear trap, this device will immediately knock down the ...

Why the ELeague Works on Cable TV

http://www.e-league.com/ Cable television aficionados may have come across a strange accumulation of interface icons and commentary if you happen to tune into TBS on any Friday night during the summer months. Some may assume it was some sort of sports competition as the speaker system around them filled their living room with complex commentary similar ...


Opportunity Costs

A hot philosopher who is self-righteously roasting chestnuts on an open fire suddenly realizes that his handsome looks were not the only thing causing warmth in the room as his favorite wool blanket caught on fire a mere inches from his right foot.

G – Eazy – Me, Myself & I

G eazy’s new album cover features Gerald facing away from the audience, only allowing the viewers to see the words These Things Happen When It’s Dark Out” written on the back of his classic black jacket, Gerald is unwilling to face his past, moving forward in his life and possibly a new sound. His pattern of ...



Rain pelts against the stone walls, creating a tapping sound similar to a drum beat. Lightning strikes a nearby pole, well at least that’s what John thought had happened since the minuscule window inside of his cell did not allow for much of a view. Even though this is true John still leaves his tiny ...

Sons of Anarchy Review

After revisiting Sons of Anarchy I reviewed each season to communicate how each season effected the series as a whole and the characters who partake within each season. Season 1  Season 2 and 3 Season 4

ODESZA – Say My Name

  Music videos are truly unique in the effect they can have on the audience’s experience of the music. Some music videos choose to display extravagant lifestyles filled with money and women while some aim to tell a deeper story, one that can only be seen upon close examination of both the music and the ...

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